Have you ever felt like you were meant to do, be or serve in a bigger way?


Have you heard the little voice deep down inside, nudging you to examine your path and questioning whether “this is it?”

Or maybe you’ve been doing the same throughout your own life - as a housewife, professional, mom, or business owner because you found what you were good at early in life and now that just isn’t quite enough.

I understand completely, because I was in your shoes.

I am an accountant by trade. It might surprise you to know that this number-cruncher is also a creative, entrepreneurial HSP – or High Sensory Processor/Highly Sensitive Person. HSPs feel things deeply and often absorb other people’s emotions. Being an accountant was a bit at odds with me to begin with.


I found accounting in high school. It made sense quickly and I was good at it. So I did what most of us do when we find something we’re good at – I stuck with it. I followed the path of “should”. And I had a successful accounting career (still do). Ten years ago, my entrepreneurial heart took over, and I started my own accounting business as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

In 2015 I was introduced to a health supplements company. As I began to feel healthier I wanted to share the products and help other people feel better too. For anyone in direct sales, I applaud you. It’s a tough business to be in. When I jumped in I was told by everyone in the industry to focus on personal growth. I started exploring self-development coaches, books and podcasts, and I fell in love with learning again.

I got in touch with my desire to serve people on a bigger scale. I learned how much I loved teaching. And leading. My inner curiosity engaged parts of me I didn’t even know had been lying dormant. There is something to be said for exercising your brain after years of being on autopilot!

In 2017 I joined Polkadot Powerhouse as a way to expand my community. I found myself surrounded by incredible women. My fellow “Dots” were also inspired by learning, entrepreneurship, leadership, relationship building and empowerment. Folks, find your tribe! That is key to success in ANYTHING you do!

My YouTube library continued to grow with videos and speakers I now consider my “virtual teachers”. I realized that direct sales wasn’t for me. I started working with a Dot sister who helped me unbury the many layers I had created over the years. I am forever grateful to my time with her.

Through my journey, I found my true purpose. It’s important to highlight that my path was in no way a straight line.  There were so many “detours” along the way...no failures, just detours. Every side path brought me here today, sharing New Dawn Rising with you.

John F. Kennedy once said “A rising tide lifts all the boats.” And so I share my path, my journey. The good, the bad, the sad, and beautiful. Vulnerable, raw and real. Now let’s go find yours!


Finding my true calling wasn’t just about discovering the difference between what I’m good at and what I’m meant to do. That was just another part of the process (See Home page for Step One!). It was about unbecoming, a journey that has transformed my business, my relationships, my sense of self-worth, my life.

New Dawn Rising is a place for us to find our own paths. To unbecome our current selves and rebirth who we were always meant to be. It’s a safe space where we explore that little voice inside us, the one that’s telling us that, although we may not feel “unhappy”, we don’t feel fulfilled either.  

Together we’ll dive deep into what true purpose is and more importantly – how you can find yours and claim it for yourselves.

I found what lights me up, defines me, fuels me and is 100% authentically me. Not in accounting, or in being a mom, wife, daughter, step-mom and now a “Gammom.” But in ME.

And more than anything – I want to help you find your purpose too.

It’s time to Dare to Follow Your Heart.


My favorite things:

Season: Fall

Vacation: Anywhere with a beach!

Child: Kidding, but ask them, and they will gladly share!

Movie: The Notebook

Place to be: In nature

Celebrity: Helen Mirran

Flower: Gerber Daisy (pink and orange)