Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you discover your purpose?

Great question!

Here’s the short answer. I learned I was good at accounting in high school, worked for several companies before starting my own business, tested the waters in direct sales, got back in touch with my love of learning and ultimately reconnected to my passion for service. If there is one thing I have learned in my journey, it is this: The distance between two points is not always a straight line! I found my life’s purpose – guiding others to tap into that intuition through a series of questions, journaling prompts, videos and conversations with our true selves.

For the longer version, check out my About Page! Or sign up for my 10-Day Journey Mapping Course where we’ll deep dive together and explore how to find and claim your true purpose. Or bring me in to share with you and your group face to face! Whatever the chosen format, let’s forge the path together!

2. How do you use your journey to help me find my purpose?

I don’t know about you, but I always find it easier to relate to others and their experiences when I have tangible examples. Sure, many habits and experiences sound great in theory, but when I hear how learning about a new theory changed someone’s life? And exactly how it happened? I’m intrigued.

That’s why I created New Dawn Rising. I was always drawn to service, to teaching others and giving a voice to those who may not feel empowered by their own. New Dawn Rising isn’t just about my story – it’s a place where women can (and do) find their own paths.

I share my own story of “unbecoming”, because that is my truth. It is how I went from being fairly happy and even “successful” by many standards, to being the self-assured, empowered and 100% authentic version of ME.

When I talk to my clients about my journey, they’re much more able to see their own parallels. The idea that there’s more out there for them becomes tangible.

After all, if an accountant can go from numbers and spreadsheets to Purpose Finder, Speaker and Facilitator, who knows what YOU have the potential to become?

3. How do I know if the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping Program is for me?

Do you feel like you’re giving less than 100% in your life? So exhausted with “all the things”? Have no time left for YOU at the end of the day? Or even better – do you feel like you’re giving 120% and still don’t feel totally fulfilled? Perhaps everyone else in your life would call you crazy for not being satisfied, but you just aren’t all the way there. It’s not your fault!!

Do you feel like you need to somehow reconnect to yourself? But you don’t even know who she is anymore?

Does the idea of changing paths – or finding one in the first place – overwhelm and maybe even intimidate you?

Then the Ten Day PJMP is for you.

4. What does your program cost?

The Ten Day PJMP online course is $47. I love getting to sit down every day on Facebook live and working through the Ten Day PJMP in small groups. We’ll talk about your Yesterdays, Todays and Tomorrows together, dive into those experiences that deeply influenced who you are right now and create new thought patterns to guide you to your true purpose. I hope you’ll join me for the next session!

For small group and individual coaching, as well as speaking engagements, I quote on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to contact me to set up a 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit!

5. What if I want more coaching after the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping program finishes?

I also offer small group and individual coaching and love to host 30-minute (complimentary) discovery calls to see if we’d both like to commit to a deeper dive. I value your success and your journey and invite you to reach out so we can see how to best move forward together.

You will also have lifetime access to my New Dawn Rising Alumni Facebook group, for ongoing support and connection.

6. How can I share my progress in the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping Program as I go?

The online course includes access to a private Facebook group where you can share your experiences and growth as you’re comfortable. Some even choose to share things they might not have talked about before. While sharing is not required for your success in the Ten Day PJMP, it is proven that going deep increases the likelihood of identifying and stopping the blocks that have determined your current path.

Getting vulnerable, “raw and real,” is the key to the depth of your personal growth, which is a large part of the path I am helping light for you. Sharing with the group you are working with in the Ten Day PJMP is key to moving forward. Understanding what has held you back thus far, and connecting to it, in writing or through a video (I did both), brings a commitment to yourself like no thoughts alone can!

Sharing can be scary, but speaking releases its power! You can choose how much or how little you want to tap into this program. Your path and level of growth are determined by you.

7. Are my interactions in the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping Program kept confidential?

Absolutely. All participants sign a Confidentiality Contract before the Ten Day PJMP begins in which each participant commits to keeping all information within the group completely confidential.

We honor each other’s sacred space to share, to leave judgement “at the door,” and to be vulnerable. The key to growth lies there, and we completely respect each other’s right to their own journey. In this program, we agree to make space for awareness, vulnerability and personal growth.

8. How often will I interact with you in the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping Program?

I interact at least once each day on Facebook Live within our private Facebook group. All Lives (with the exception of the final one), will be recorded for those that can’t make the specified Live times. These times are laid out prior to the start of each group.

I’m also available for personal questions via Direct Message on Facebook and may share (with your permission and/or anonymously) insights learned within the group in future Lives or Facebook posts.

9. Do you offer the Ten Day Personal Journey Mapping Program other than online?

Yes, I offer a live version of the course geared towards small group and individual coaching as well as more formal presentations around my journey and how to discover your own unique purpose.

10. Do you offer a Referral program?

Absolutely! I offer 10% off of your registration fee for the Ten Day PJMP online course for every person you refer to join your session, up to 50%!

I also offer a group referral rate for small group coaching through the live, workshop version of the Ten Day PJMP called “Dare to Follow Your Dream.” If your group consists of eight or more people, everyone gets a reduced rate for their ticket. Win-win!