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Newsweek recently defined a Life Coach as “Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.”
Sounds like a great description to me, one which, had I heard it earlier, would have caught my attention much earlier.

There are health coaches who help folks get a better handle on their body wellness. There are business coaches who assist entrepreneurs in their markets. But what of this Life Coaching? It didn’t connect for me at first. Since I didn’t feel the need for help with the broad term of my “Life”, I discounted it as something I certainly didn’t need.

Until I found myself disconnected from the announcement that I was going to be a first time grandmom. All I felt was fear and a huge sense of guilt for not feeling the excitement that everyone else around me had. So I did what any mother would do when she isn’t feeling what she’s supposed to feel. I buried it, and did my best to lay low until I could figure out what to do about all these “wrong” feelings.

And that took me back to life coaching. I realized something in my “life” was officially off. I have benefited from counseling several times, and am a huge supporter. But this didn’t feel like the solution, not this time. Counseling helped me figure out what in my past was causing me to feel “stuck” in my present. But these feelings of fear and guilt had me more focused on the future – how did I move myself forward to the place of joy that I desired so deeply?

I found my answers in coaching. Through “unbecoming”, through transformation, through many tears and so much awakening, I found my way to joy. There is no way I would have made that journey on my own. I needed the direction of my amazing life coach to guide me. And guide me she did. Today, I am so connected to what it means to be “Gammom” to my precious grandson.

I realized I couldn’t be alone. So I started sharing my journey, and also pursued my own coaching certification. Today, I talk to so many women who understand fully. Something is off, they just can’t put their finger on it. The feelings are real. And they are preventing the “more” we all deserve. More peace, more joy, more ___. That is where life coaching comes in.

We need to get past the stigma of not wanting to need help, and recognize the value it serves. After all, we seek assistance for vehicle maintenance, taxes, retirement planning, health. Why in the world wouldn’t we want to consider assistance for navigating into the future that is meant for us? The one where we get to fully enjoy our lives!

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Dawn Regner