Welcome Purpose Seeker! I’m Dawn.

If you’ve ever heard that little voice deep down inside questioning whether you’re on the right path – you are not alone.


Congratulations on Step One! You read or heard something about me and felt a curiosity. So you decided to find out more. That’s huge! And friends, that alone is progress. Now, let’s dig into why you felt a nudge.

After my own process of “unbecoming”  of all the labels I thought defined me – accountant, wife, mom, the list goes on – I connected to my deeper self. The self that had been waiting to come out was finally given permission to stand at center stage.

Now I help others to do the same.

Hi, I’m Dawn Regner, and this is my mission with New Dawn Rising.

I work with women (and men who dare) in all walks of life tap into their inner callings, their deepest desires and find their own purposes. If you are anything like me – it took many years of doing something I was good at before I realized that just wasn’t enough. I was meant to do something much, much more.

I’ve found my purpose. Let’s travel together and find yours.